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Permit Your Body to Heal

Question #1: Why I am not getting better with my current treatment?

Question #2: How Can I Heal From Within?

Question #3: Permit Your Body To Heal Any Chronic Disease

My Story

It all started approximately twelve years ago, when my dad was sixty years old. He had chest pains, so he went to a cardiologist, who said that they needed to do angioplasty surgery. During this surgery, the doctor felt that that was not a good enough option, and that he thought a bypass was necessary. There was a consultation with the cardiologist and cardiac surgeon, and they said that because the artery was...

What is Dr. Duong doing on KRON 4?

What am I doing at KRON 4? I did an interview with KRON 4 and decide to make a short video for you. Why are we getting sicker as a society? People are taking medication like madness, but their health is not getting better? But Why? I will have more videos for you later. Enjoy Read More

A Quick Guide to Your Body’s Connective Tissue

Connective tissue is one of the four basic tissue types that comprise the human body.  The other three types are epithelial tissue (skin and internal lining), nervous tissue and muscle tissue. As the name suggests, the purpose of connective tissue is to connect and support other parts of the body.  Certain types, such as adipose Read More

The Latest Research on Restricted-Calorie Diets

The notion that a restricted-calorie diet can increase our lifespan has been around since an experiment that was done on rats in 1934.  During this experiment, rats were fed a diet that contained an adequate allowance of all key nutrients but a sharply reduced number of calories.  These rats lived twice as long as the Read More

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