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About Wholistic Health Center & the Fremont/Dublin Spine Center

Our non-surgical Disc and Spinal Stenosis Center is a renowned facility specializing in painful and chronic Low Back conditions. Centrally located in Fremont and Dublin, patients travel from all over San Francisco Bay Area to our Clinic for their painful Spinal injuries – especially Spinal Stenosis and Disc Herniations.

Our Mission is Simple

To offer a healthy and successful alternative to traditional open back surgeries by utilizing the latest advancements in gentle, non-invasive technology, therapeutic procedures and spinal rehabilitation.

We Specialize in Treating

  1. Peripheral Neuropathy
  2. Thyroid Conditions
  3. Serious Neck and Back Injuries
  4. Car Accident Injuries

We should not be confused with other spinal decompression sites. We specialize in severe Spinal Stenosis and chronic Disc Herniation patients that have not responded to traditional care such as physical therapy, chiropractic, epidurals and surgery. We developed the most comprehensive approach for these conditions that goes way beyond just spinal decompression.

How We Benefit You by going Above the Rest! … and Beyond!

  • Living Pain Free! We are committed to getting you out of pain and feeling better as quickly as possible! We achieve this by combining the very best in Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, soft tissue release techniques and Spinal Decompression into a comprehensive program.
  • Permanent Results! After your initial treatment program and you are feeling great we continue to give you periodic monthly decompression sessions for 6 months to make the changes in the structure of your spine as permanent as absolutely possible. This Structural Reinforcement Program is provided at no additional cost to you!
  • Preventing Re-injury! Our third commitment to you is to prevent your low back or sciatica condition from ever coming back or being re-injured! This is achieved by stabilizing and strengthening the low back area. Our cutting edge Rehabilitation Program will give you confidence in your low back and allow you to return to living an active, healthy lifestyle!

Who We Work With

  • “Motivated” people who want to feel better and improve their quality of life.
  • People who are looking for a natural way to end their pain and are committed to preventing re-injury.
  • People who want/need to improve their functional abilities.
  • People who are pro-active in their own health and want to avoid back surgery if possible.
  • People who put more value on results and service than they do on shopping for the lowest-cost provider.
  • People who understand the value of a knowledgeable doctor who has truck loads of experience and successful results.
  • People who are willing to invest in their health for the long term.
  • People who expect and appreciate a doctor who will take the time to listen, discuss and advise.
  • People who expect a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

If you see yourself in that description – then call the Fremont/Dublin Spine Center at (510) 818-1668 or (925) 999-8806

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