My Story

It all started approximately twelve years ago, when my dad was sixty years old. He had chest pains, so he went to a cardiologist, who said that they needed to do angioplasty surgery. During this surgery, the doctor felt that that was not a good enough option, and that he thought a bypass was necessary. There was a consultation with the cardiologist and cardiac surgeon, and they said that because the artery was 99% blocked, there were two options: do the bypass now, or wait and do it later if my dad had a heart attack. The fatality rate is much higher if a patient has had a heart attack, so they could easily have lost him. So as a family, we made a decision to do the bypass immediately to reduce this risk. There was already an increased risk of doing this surgery because he was diabetic and taking cholesterol medication. As a family, we naturally had a lot of concern about losing him. During the surgery, I still remember how worried and anxious we all were. But we felt that we had no choice; that feeling is not good! It was all in the hands of the surgeon. Because of the situation and my concerns, I began to ask a lot of questions. I had quite an internal struggle and needed my questions to be answered, to see what was wrong with this picture. My father was having this surgery at the age of sixty, and that was of great concern to me. Why is he carrying a bag of medications but not getting better? First he’s diagnosed with high cholesterol, then diabetes, yet with all the medications, he is still having open-heart surgery. This will affect not only my parents, but me and my family and even my patients. So I needed to ask questions. The first question was, if my father is having open-heart surgery at age 60, what will happen to me? If I continue to follow the healthcare system espoused by society, maybe I’ll have open-heart surgery at 55, because as a society, we are getting sicker and sicker. What will happen to me and my family if this happens to me so early? How can I take care of them? What will it cost us all? Dad had to retire after his surgery. I will talk about the cost in a moment.

I began my career as a chiropractor, and deep in my mind I always believed that the power that creates the body heals the body from the inside out. This has stuck with me, so I know there must be a way out. I resist having this happen to me and to my family, for us to fall into the trap of disease.

I then began to study functional medicine to discover how to heal the body from the inside out. I studied how the body works, for example, why my dad’s cholesterol was high in the first place. What caused this? What caused his arteries to be blocked? I learned that the cause of his diabetes was not a blood sugar problem, but one of insulin resistance. But what caused that? I needed to understand these things so I could help my father. If he continued to go through the medical process and mask his symptoms with medication, it would not be helpful to him at all, nor would it help me, because he would be getting sicker and sicker. I studied functional healing, and what I can say, as of today, is that my father is no longer taking diabetic medication or cholesterol medication, but he is taking blood pressure medication because when the surgeon did the bypass, he could only do two of the bypasses; the third was too risky to perform. But Dad is happy and can enjoy life and travel around the world with my mom now. That’s what I want; it’s a win-win situation.

So that’s my story of how I began to study functional healing. I began applying it to my family first, to Dad and then Mom. I helped her understand that she has Hashimoto’s disease by doing lab tests. I could help with two conditions I’m very familiar with: diabetes and thyroid disorders. I can help and guide you through the process of learning how the body can heal itself. Here are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself. First, do we have a healthcare system or a sick-care system? We have been brainwashed about the healthcare system. Once you’ve thought about that, you can step outside the box and analyze how the body can heal itself. Do you see your medical doctors when you are healthy or when you are sick? That’s the first thing you need to think about. What is this system good for? It’s good for acute emergencies, to Band-Aid the problem, but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem. So it’s good for crisis care, but we cannot use this acute model for chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease,

Alzheimer’s, thyroid problems—anytime you give a name to a chronic disease. You can’t just apply a Band-Aid like that, because no medication will fix the problem. The body is complicated and it takes effort to find out how to heal it. So the big question is, how can you fix chronic conditions? How can you heal from within? I have made a video to guide you through this: Permit Your Body to Heal Any Chronic Disease. There is also written material. All of this will teach you how to get your body to heal itself from the inside out.

I have patients who have been told by doctors that there’s nothing they can do but simply live with their condition. I have pain patients who have been told that their neuropathy is permanent and they can only take medication to give them comfort. Diabetics are told that they will have to take their medications for life. The same with those with thyroid disorders, Alzheimer’s, autoimmunity problems, psoriasis, lupus, and more. What I love about my work is that I see patients like these getting better. I do not treat or diagnose; I help the patient to go through the process of understanding something of how the body works so they know how to help the body heal itself. I love seeing that happen, and that’s why
I love what I am doing.

Now, let’s talk about the cost. Think of my dad’s story for a moment. Between surgery, hospital bills and medication, it cost over $200,000. What about the cost of his suffering? What about the cost of his having to retire five years early at age 60? Health is priceless, and it’s worth taking care of so that you can enjoy life. Dad enjoys his gardening, where he gets his nutrients, and he travels one or two months a year with my mom. That’s a lot better than just suffering through life, carrying a bag of medications! So I’m here to help my parents and my patients, and this is why I want to share my story with you.

Dr. John & Ken Duong DC