Our Reviews


I am here to get a reference to Dr. Duong, who treated my wife for neuropathy on both legs. After a few treatments, not many, her leg movement has entirely improved and she is very happy with it. But she thinks that probably the number of treatment is quite adequate and she is totally satisfied that her legs are operational to the best extend. The symptoms were that she had pain in her legs when she walked and as a result of these, she did very little walking and it bothers me because I like to walk. She used to walk a mile or two everyday at a good speed. But after the treatment by Dr. Duong, the legs had improved a great bit.


Teresa Teresa

I have peripheral neuropathy and my doctors told me there is no cure. I read a paper about Dr. Duong and I am trying this. It really helps me, I can walk better now, my balance is much better and I am very happy that I have found him. Anybody that is suffering from neuropathy, it is so painful. I am sure they will get better if they come to Dr. Duong. Before I could hardly walk, my feet hurt a lot. But last night I walked around my house without my cane for the first time. I know I am getting better, so I recommend him.


Angela Angela

I came to see Dr. Duong because I had a terrible pain on my knee. It went down to my toes. Every night before I went to bed, I had to take a Tylenol so I could sleep. Now I don’t have to do that anymore.


Esperanza Esperanza

I am a retired international airline hotel executive. I am living in San Ramon, CA with my life Kathy. Thirteen years ago, 1998, I had diagnosis of a dead spot about the size of a football on the outer thigh of my left leg. I could not feel ice for example, but it was not painful or inhibiting. Seven years ago, I developed shooting pains down my left leg. A neurologist told me I had neuropathy but there was nothing he could do. Four years ago I developed extreme sensitivity on the bottoms of both feet. It hurt to walk on a sandy beach for example. A podiatrist again told me there was nothing he could do. About a year ago, I developed many symptoms in my left foot: burning, tingly, extreme pain at night. If I lay my foot on the bed, it hurt so I could not sleep. During this long period of time, I was slowly losing my balance, especially if I stood over in the shower, closed my eyes, and bent over to rinse my hair. Finally, I responded to an ad and went to see Dr. Duong, who evaluated me and said he could definitely help me. Within two weeks, after six treatments, my left foot became better. However, my right foot became very painful. I could not sleep if my foot touched the bed. Another friend, also a chiropractor, said it was not unusual for neuropathic pain to move. After nine more treatments, my right foot became better, and I still have ten treatments to go. Yes, it’s expensive, but for me it worked, as apparently it has for many others. I have an obligation to myself to continue the diet and exercise, as well as to continue using the stimulating foot and leg vibrating tools that Dr. Duong will give you or you can purchase yourself.


Don Don

When I first came in here, I could hardly walk, I didn’t have my balance, and I am afraid to go down the escalator. I lived in fear of falling so my husband brought me in here and it has changed my life so much just in a short time mentally and physically. I think that Dr. John is like a miracle work to me. I would recommend anyone that has this kind of problem, please check with Dr. John because he can help you. In the beginning, the symptoms of neuropathy were the stiffness of my feet and legs. Eventually, I felt like something hot under my skin, running up and down my legs. I could not sleep at night because it would keep me awake. I tried everything and nothing seemed to help me. Eventually, my doctor diagnosed that I had peripheral neuropathy. I can’t thank you enough for helping me as far as I’ve gotten so far. I can move my legs now and I feel more confident in myself. I don’t lose my balance anymore and I am walking better. I feel so relief and so thankful for Dr. John.


Clara Clara

Since the first time I had treatment, I haven’t had any pain. My pain before was a ten. I had pain in my toes and feet. I couldn’t touch my feet. I had to wear socks when I slept because feeling anything on my feet made me jerk. I don’t feel that pain anymore. I can’t believe I didn’t find out about Dr. Duong’s treatment earlier.


Frank Frank

I tried to get relief from my neuropathy through Kaiser. They recommended me a pill I had to take three times a day for a month or so, but it had absolutely no effect. I discontinued that before coming to this facility. Here, I’ve had a lot more success. Thank you.


Pete Pete

I came to see Dr. John Duong on Aug. 24 for my leg pain, numbness, and restless leg syndrome from diabetic conditions, from nerve damage. Since I’ve been seeing him for 25 treatments, my leg has been much better, and the treatments he gave me were really good. I really felt better after each treatment. When I first complained about my leg, my other doctor said it was arthritis and there was nothing he could do about it. After seeing Dr. Duong, my leg feels much better now. I can walk longer distances and it’s just improved. My life is so different now. I’ve been able to walk longer, and I don’t experience the numbness of restless leg syndrome when I’m sleeping. I can sleep better, walk better, and I just feel better, and this is all from Dr. John’s treatment.


John John

I came in here for neuropathy, pain in my feet and my lower leg. When I first came here, I had very little feeling, but I had pain feeling. My feet and my legs were so sensitive when being touched. After two months of treatment, it is amazing how the sensitivity is not that great anymore and I am able to touch my feet, the top of my feet, and my lower leg. It has improved dramatically. Dr Duong gave me exercises to do at home which I continually do at home. Those are very useful and dealing with the neuropathy problems. As far as I know, there is no cure for it, but there are physical things that can be done to the feet and the lower leg that improve the ability to walk. I am very happy with it. I am a Kaiser patient, and I was diagnosed there that I have neuropathy. But all they did was put me on some medication, which was not effective. This is a much better treatment than I get in Kaiser.


James James

When I first came I was concerned about neuropathy pain. It has much improved. My pain before was sharp foot pain. I had limited sensation. It has greatly improved. Balance has improved, and I’m walking two miles a day. I couldn’t walk like that before, only a couple hundred yards. My blood sugars were averaging 150 or 160, and it’s around 110 now. My goal is to get off of the blood sugar medication at some point in the future. Everything is connected: weight loss, blood sugars. Diabetes is one of the things causing feet pain. Blood sugar is damaging the nerve. I lost 25 pounds in the process. Just do it. Go to a glutton free diet, watch what you eat, follow Dr. Duong’s program.


Stephen Stephen

Before when I came to Dr. Duong, my legs and my feet were so painful because I have got diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. But now I get less pain from my leg and my foot. Thanks for his help and his crew. The pain feeling was burning sensation, insect bit, and electricity shock. After the treatment I feel a lot better, less pain. Thanks again to Dr. Duong and his crew.


Wilford Wilford

You changed my life when I came in here to see you. I was really down in the dump and didn’t know who to turn. I have neuropathy and diabetic. It was really bad and this doctor had done a really well done job. I can walk now. He is the only doctor that I have found, that can really do things, as far as my body’s concern. What he has explained to me about neuropathy really opens up my eyes,to really do what he wants me to do. I not only do it in the office, I do it at home too. When I got back to him the following day, he saw the difference. We hope that we can get it together and does it well. Thank you, Dr. Duong.


Alex Alex

Before I started, my feet hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night. I went to Kaiser and they told me there was nothing they could do about it. They gave me cream and pills, and neither one of them did any good. When I started here with Dr. Duong and he said he could help me, I was a little bit skeptical because the other doctors had told me there was no cure. Since I’ve been coming here twice a week, I’ve lost weight, that’s one good thing. I’ve lost 22 pounds in two and a half months. Losing weight means not as much weight on my feet. As far as money’s concerned, there’s no amount of money that is worth your health. I get words of encouragement all the time when I come in. I’ve been telling other people and my kids are encouraging me a lot.


Mary Mary

I’m 100% on my balance. I was terrible when I first came here. I would get up out of the chair and just stagger. Especially going through doorways, I was forever bumping into doors. I’m black and blue on both arms from bumping into doors all the time. Now I can at least walk straight. One time I acted like I was intoxicated. I’m doing fine now. Before, all I did was take pills and my condition just got worse. The doctor would always just give pills to help me, and it certainly didn’t work. I was certainly skeptical before I came in. If my doctor couldn’t help me, what could Dr. John do for me? I was actually pleasantly surprised; he’s helped me a lot. My legs feel very good, and they were terrible one time, it was like walking on pins and needles. The doctor gave me one pill, then two, then three. She changed the medication one time and it didn’t even help me. I used to be scared to death of driving because I never knew exactly where my feet were because they were so numb. Now I can control my feet.


Edward Edward

When I came to Dr. Duong, I was having numbness in my feet and shooting pains in my legs, and some burning. Prior to that, I had seen my personal physician for another matter and mentioned that I had some cramping in my calves. I have been walking two miles every day for seven years and it never happened before. He said I probably had peripheral arterial disease. In order to find out, the procedure is very invasive, which I am aware of. So they didn’t told me to keep walking. I tried, but my balance got very very bad. My legs felt week, and I saw Dr. Duong’s ad in the newspaper. He was just opening his new facility in Dublin, so I started in March. My balance was really bad, but with his treatments I’m walking again and my balance has improved 90%. I still have burning off and on, but with the massage at home and walking; I must say as of yesterday, I only feel the burning when I’m sitting. When I stand up and walk, even around my house, it’s gone. I’m very pleased and I wish it would never come back. It’s probably something I have to live with. I’m almost 78 years old, but it’s much much better. I would recommend it. Thank you Dr. Duong.


Barbara Barbara

Hi, I’m Don Strickland. I have diabetic neuropathy. It is like walking on a pimple and it hurts a lot. So I have been to Dr. Duong for five visits, and I got lot more feelings the staffs here. The doctors give you hand-on care. I have been a carpenter for over 35 years, and I have been to a lot of treatments and a lot of injuries, but I have never had such a care like this. I see much improvement, still have a lot to go, but it really helped me. If you are thinking about doing this, I can’t think of a better place because I have been to physical therapy on my back and my knees, I never gotten this kind of care. I want to thank the doctor and I will be back. Thank you.


Don Don

I’m here because I have neuropathy. I’m 89 years old and I have a lot of pain and a lot of problems in my body too. The exercises here help me in many ways, more than just my feet. This morning I am able to use the machine with my bare feet and I couldn’t believe it. I can see real progress. Many parts of my body feel better. It’s worth it.


Esther Esther

Dr. John does a great job. He has a nice office, a nice personnel, he knows his business very well. I’d recommend him for anyone. I have peripheral artery disease, and he helped me.


Bob Bob

I had neuropathy for twenty years, and I am eighty-seven years old. I have looked everywhere to help me, but it was getting worse. When it first started, my feet burned and I couldn’t sleep at night. I had to put ice on myself. I couldn’t get up and walk. I was just in the house all the time. After the first treatment here, even my family can tell a difference. Since I had been coming to Dr. Duong, I have been able to sleep. I haven’t been taking the sleeping medicine. I had felt so much better. So I just want to thank the good work of Dr. Duong.


Pauline Pauline

I love going to Dr. Duong. I was walking with a walker when I first came here. Ten days later, I put the walker aside and I was so happy. It’s just a good feeling because I know he knows what he’s doing, and I look forward to coming in here every week, every treatment. I hope that I’ll be around for a long time, because I know he can do it if anybody can. I think he’s the greatest, and his brothers are just wonderful people. His studio is just great. Just try it, you’ll like it, and you’ll feel a heck of a lot better.


Ruby Ruby

I was having burning feet at night. I’d get about three hours of sleep. After the first session, I couldn’t believe it because that night my feet didn’t burn. From then on, I have about 90% relief. This is my first month, and it’s so nice to go to bed and not have my feet burning. I have peripheral neuropathy. My weight is going down, my energy, my overall feeling, is better. The stuff Dr. Duong is teaching me is very helpful. It’s stuff that my regular doctor and diabetic neuropathy never talked about before. I learned about diabetes and what can happen even if your blood pressure is under control. I don’t have to take as much medication anymore.


James James

My name is Irving, I live in Hayward and my occupation is work in the Department of Motor Vehicle. I came in because I had no feelings in my feet. The problems were I could not walk up the stairs. I had problems holding my balance. After being here for about two months now, I am able to walk up the steps without holding on. I am able to play some tennis. I am able to do a lot of things that I haven’t done before. Also the program put me on a weight reducing program which I am following now. I lost approximately 24 to 25 lbs in a period of two months. I feel a lot better and I look a lot better. I know that coming here with Dr. Duong, Dr. Duong is working extreme well for me. I am really thankful that I was able to follow the program as well as I did. I am not a very strong person, I am weak. I don’t have a tendency of hearing to people who put me on the regiment bases. But here I am, come in three days a week, I follow the program of weight reduction and I feel so much better. I thank you Dr. Duong and I want to be part of your family.


Irving Irving

When I first came in here, my feet and my legs are bothering me and my back. Now I had three treatments, my legs feel better, my feet feel wonderful. I appreciated the help I got here. My memory is much better. When I say things, I remember you (Dr. Duong). Thank you Dr. Duong.


Louis Louis

Chronic Neck/Back Pain

Before I accepted this treatment, I couldn’t do things I wanted to do. I couldn’t walk far, I couldn’t stand a lot, I couldn’t sit a lot, and I really couldn’t cook long. Now I just feel better. Better moving, better sitting, better walking and standing. This was the result of the treatments. They did help. If I had to come back again, I’d come back to Dr. John, because he really did help me.


Katherine Katherine

Before I was feeling more pressure and pain in my lower back (L4 & L5), and I couldn’t do a lot of bending and lifting. Now after twenty sessions, I have more mobility, so I can do more activities. It’s helped me. Before my treatment, I had prickly needle pain, and certain positions would cause me to feel more pain. I had pain on my front thighs, but now I don’t notice pain on my legs anymore. Usually I get occasional soreness, but if I come twice a week, I feel better.

Michelle Michelle

The experience that I’ve had here with Dr. Duong is different than I had earlier at another places. The gentleman hurt me, I went to him three times, I couldn’t even stand. The pain was so bad down in my lower back. Now that I’ve come here to Dr. Duong’s, he’s done a more thorough process with me, which on the same machine, is very easy and gentle. It feels very good. My pain was probably a 10 or an 11. I’ve had four treatments, and now the pain is about a 7. It definitely decreased.


Gordon Gordon

I noticed an ad in the paper not long ago. I was looking for some relief. I had been going through back pain for 20 years if not more. I had been to regular doctors, M.D.s, Kaiser, county hospitals, neurosurgeons, neurologists, whatever. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of. I’ve had the chiropractors. My last experience I had was with a chiropractor I had been going to for at least five years. I started getting worse; I’d come out of there in a lot of pain. One morning I saw this ad for Dr. John. I gave a call, made an appointment. I came in, we talked, took x-rays, and he said he could help me. I had been having a pain before the first treatment where if I put my head down to look at my feet, I’d get this excruciating shooting pain in my lower back. After my first treatment on the decompression machine, I didn’t feel that pain anymore, and I haven’t felt it since then. I’d recommend Dr. John to anyone who’s going through any back pain, neuropathy. Give him a try if you’ve tried everything I did. There’s nice people here, they’re very attentive and will sit down and talk to you about anything. The receptionist to the doctors, all of them are very nice. The machines are great, they’re relaxing, nothing painful about it. I really like coming, I enjoy coming, I really look forward to it.


Cecilia Cecilia

I am a patient here. Before this, I sought out a consultation from an orthopedic surgeon. From there, we had x-rays and they described my back as an 80 year old back, the worst they have seen, and the only option was surgery. I feel like I was too young for that, and I was not ready to end my career. I was advised by a family member to come here and seek out other opinions, and so I did. It was not so much my back that was a concern, but my neck. If I didn’t do something soon, there would be no option except surgery. Coming here with my entire right side being numb, the fingernails were black and blue, I had no circulation or feeling in the feet. Ten weeks later, there isn’t anything I can’t do. I’m at 100% mobility wise, and pain free. My eating has changed, the way I sleep, the way I sit in a chair, all of this has been affected drastically. I am convinced there are alternatives to surgery. Thank you Dr. Duong!


Stetsen Stetsen

BI was a mess when I came in to see Dr. John. I felt pain from my back to my legs to my hips. He put me on the decompression machine and the pain from my back seemed to go away, but the leg never seemed to ease up. It would go away for a while but it would come right back. I appreciate how my back is no longer the issue, but now I have problems with my hip. I’m going to see what’s the problem there and maybe come back.


Lorraine Lorraine

I had a fall when I was on a trip to Mexico and I fell on the ship and hurt my shoulder real badly. I’ve heard of Dr. Duong’s practice, so I came here many many times for whole body treatments. Now I have recovered 80%. I have regained my balance, and 80% of my pain is gone. I can keep my shoulder movement and everything more or less in order. I really appreciate the effort.


Nancy Nancy

After three months here with Dr. John Duong and the treatment, everything started working better for me. Before, I couldn’t walk and I had to use my walker. After two weeks, I was using a cane. Now I don’t even need a cane anymore. Everything is better for me, my life changed for the best. I am back working and doing stuff I couldn’t do before. I’m happy to be here, and everything is working perfect for me. Thanks to Dr. John and his brothers. My other doctor told me there was nothing he could do, and that I had a spine of an 80 year old person. There was no way he could fix it, no surgery, and nothing he could do to control the pain. I’m not taking pain medicine anymore, I don’t have pain anymore, and I’m not 100% better, but I’m better than before.


Dario Dario

Before I came to Dr. Duong, my balance was not very good at all. In fact, I couldn’t walk without my cane, I had great difficulty. Since I’ve had the treatment, all of my pain has gone and I have no more pain. My balance is much greatly improved, and I’m very happy with the kind of treatment I’ve received here. It’s been very helpful to me, and I look forward to recommending my friends to come here as well. Thank you.


Dennis Dennis

When I came in, I couldn’t even move. Dr. Duong is the best, amazing. I make sure I tell all my friends and family to come here. I was told by Dr. Duong that I need more than one treatment in order to feel better, and I’m going to follow whatever he says because he is the best.

-s- S -


My name is Nancy and I happened to come across Dr. Duong’s reverse thyroidism on the internet so I came in and checked it out. I’m a nurse, so I’m really trying to get focused on my health instead of helping everybody else. I was treated great here, it’s a very family atmosphere. The labs Dr. Duong does are far better than what the regular doctor does because he looks at the functional level, not the standard values the lab says is normal. If you go with those, I would be normal, but I’m not. I’m trying to get rid of the lack of memory, the fogginess in the morning, the tiredness all the time, the weight gain. He’s definitely going to be able to help me. He’s willing to treat the cause and not just the symptoms. If you have a chance to come, you need to come on in and give him a try.


Nancy Nancy

I met Dr. Duong about 10 weeks ago, and I met him to address my thyroid problems. I’ve been on medication for about four or five years. I was told that would help me feel better, but I wasn’t feeling better. It seemed like I was taking the pills, but still gaining weight and lacking in energy. I needed to find a doctor who would deal with the root cause of my problems instead of just giving me medication. When I met Dr. Duong, he took a complete blood panel and was able to determine what areas I needed help in. he uses functional medicine to treat people .He looks at your blood panel and you answer questionnaires. Through those, he can determine if you have a metabolic issue, an autoimmune disorder, and different things. He can treat what causes the thyroid not to work well. About seven years ago, I was on a search to find what was wrong with me. I was losing energy, gaining weight. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I went to one doctor in 2007 and he diagnosed me with a thyroid problem. I took Armor, and that didn’t work for me. I started having heart palpitations. I found another doctor who treated my thyroid pretty successfully. I still had some symptoms and I was still gaining weight and was still not having energy. I kept searching for the right doctor. Regular medical doctors think your thyroid is normal when it’s not. They don’t treat it properly. I met Dr. Duong, and no other doctors suggested a full blood panel. Other doctors didn’t look at what was causing the thyroid not to work properly. Dr. Duong was able to see I had root causes. I had many issues that needed to be addressed. I did a 28 day cleanse, eliminating dairy and wheat. Within two weeks, I had more energy and I was sleeping better. As time went on my energy kept improving, as well as sleep and eating habits. I just started feeling better, and the big difference between Dr. John and all the other doctors is that he has a protocol where he deals with the root problem.


Beth Beth

I came to Dr. John because I was feeling miserable. I started with thyroid problems and hair thinning. Dr. Duong is treating me for multiple conditions. He found out with a blood test what my other doctor couldn’t find. I feel much better after one month. I recommend him to anyone, thank you Dr. John for everything. The other doctors don’t find the cause, they only treat the symptoms. Dr. Duong is treating me, and I feel wonderful. My regular doctor, who I’d been with for more than 10 years. He said it was all in my head. I had insomnia, my blood sugars and cholesterol was killing me. Dr. John found out exactly that.

S. P. S. P.

I have been suffering with hypothyroidism for a number of years. I have seen quite a few doctors for this. They prescribed the thyroid medication, but it didn’t seem to help take away al the symptoms or help me feel better. I was tired all the time, a lot of hair loss, no energy, couldn’t think clearly, brain fog, and feeling like I needed a lot of sleep. When I first came to see Dr. John, he sent me to do specific lab tests and blood work to determine what my problem was. I found out that its Hashimoto’s, and he put me on a diet regimen specifically to increase metabolism. I’ve felt a significant improvement after taking the supplements. I odn’t feel like I have to take four naps a day anymore. Dr. Duong knows how to help people with this type of disease and really make a difference in peoples’ lives. Dr. John really listened to me and just knew what I was experiencing.


Cassie Cassie


Hi, my name is Betsy, and I’m a diabetic. After working with Dr. Duong, I no longer take insulin. Down to zero! Thank you Dr. Duong!


Elizabeth Elizabeth

Before I came to Dr. John, I was tired and lazy and I didn’t want to talk to anybody, even my son and husband. After I met Dr. John, I am so active and I don’t feel any laziness. Before, after two or three hours of work I didn’t want to stand up to work. Now I’m energetic and I’m very happy now to do Dr. John’s exercises. Thank you to Dr. John.


Amarjit Amarjit

My experience here has been great, different. I feel much better, I feel taller. I always look forward to come back, because I know each time I visit, I’ll be a little better off than before I got there. My sugars have dropped to normal. They had been running high, and the doctor said if they continued like that I would have to start taking insulin. After doing Dr. Duong’s treatment, I didn’t have to take insulin, and that makes me very happy. I wasn’t able to walk and do things. Dr. Duong changed my life real good.


Jim Jim

Chronic Knee Pain

My name is Mary and it seems like a little less painful when I go to bed at night after I use the vibrator. I use it on the back of my legs, it really itches. I’m here for neuropathy. The other doctors gave me cream and pills, but neither one of them did do any good. It seemed like it was slowly getting worse all the time, so that’s why I came here. I heard about it in the paper, and all my symptoms were listed in the paper. In less than a week, I’ve lost at least five pounds.

Mary Mary

I came to Dr. Duong to get my abdomen to be less fat so that I could fit my clothes better. I have used the laser therapy and I have lost 11 inches. I feel pretty good. Thank you Dr. Duong.


Garce Garce

Following Dr. Duong’s one lesson, I have lost six pounds in three days. I used the gluten-free diet, and it’s amazing. I feel fabulous. I used to average my blood test around 120, and now they’re all around 100. It’s a great change.


Lance Lance

I’m very happy I’m with Dr. Duong’s laser treatment. I’ve been losing weight, in total I think I lost about 20 pounds. All these days and holidays I didn’t gain any weight even though I ate a little bit. I’m doing okay. I’m happy and glad I did these treatments and I think I’m going to keep doing it. With the exercise and diet and everything Dr. Duong tells me, I do it. He’s a very handsome man and a good man so I’m happy.


Lilian Lilian

It’s been a good experience. I was here to lose weight and get into better shape. I have seen the results of the laser, even after two sessions.


Gregory Gregory

I enjoyed my experience here and especially the fact that after each session, I noticed a reduction in the area underneath my chin and also my stomach became a little bit smaller. It’s fascinating to me that even one treatment can make a difference.


Anatasiya Anatasiya

Auto Injury

I came to Dr Duong chiropractic clinic because of the accident. After going to the doctor and took the MRI, I discovered I have two missing disc at my back which hurt me a lot. The pain was really bad that I could not sleep at night and I could not do anything that I need. Dr Duong then asked me to do the exercises and treatments, ever since then, my neck pain was all gone. I feel really good and ready to go back to work. Thank you Duong Chiropractic office for doing such a great job.


This is my second time visiting after the accident. The treatments were exceptionally incredible. Before coming to Dr John’s clinic, I was very skeptical because I have never visited a chiropractic clinic. However, they have made my experience wonderful. They took really good care of my pain from the neck and all the way down to my shoulders. The massages and adjustment were really wonderful. The services overall were very great: everyone here is very friendly, they answer every question I have properly, they also accommodate with my busy schedule.


Couple months ago, I have a car accident and I was recommended here. During that time, I was having pain in my neck, middle back and lower back. Because of that, I was not able to ride my motorcycle and other activities. The treatment I received here helped me a lot and my back was not as tight. Right now, I can ride motor cycle, go working out and basically just get my life back. I really appreciate all the hard works from Dr Duong and thank you very much!